Viking Creates Elite Flight Case Products…

Many companies may claim to make ATA shipping cases, but very few make ATA certified cases. Not only is Viking Cases one of the few manufacturers that actually make certified ATA cases, but ours meet or exceed the Spec 300 category 1 specifications. Along with certified ATA shipping cases, we also offer a variety of options for ATA style cases. From our popular Norseman cases, which differ from ATA shipping cases only in their surface-mounted hardware, to our exceptionally affordable truck pack cases, we have the shipping cases you need to keep your goods safe and secure, regardless of where you’re going and what you’re transporting.



Side, top, and bottom panels are fitted into special double edge aluminum extrusions impacted into the wood itself. Panels will not loosen under heavy use compared to traditional riveted panels.


Steel pop rivets are backed up by steel washers to assure they will never come loose during intense use.


Male and female extruded aluminum valances assure a tight closure every time, greater rigidity and a long case life.

Fine Details

We deliver a precise attention to detail on every case build. Whether we are making 10 or 1,000 cases for you, we ensure a refined product is delivered to your expectations. 

Custom Fit Applications

Other than protection, product fitment is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle when creating excellent case solutions. Our experience and broad range of abilities in this area allow for peace of mind while your case is in mid-transport protecting your product.

Premier Components

We source and utilize the finest wood, metal, and functional components to create the most rugged and reliable case for our customers. Our prowess in sourcing allows us to procure the best ingredients for your project at excellent costs.